Commercial/Agriculture Garage Doors
Midwest Garage Door Company boasts a wide selection of quality, durable commercial doors for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. Don't take a chance - pick a reliable door to keep your commercial and agricultural assets secure, while withstanding the daily wear and tear.

Haas Commercial Garage Doors
800 Series
The Haas 800 Series meet the most demanding specifications, while providing one of the highest R-Values in the commercial door industry. With exceptional strength and the ability to exceed local wind load specifications, the outstanding features and benefits of these doors have made them a choice among commercial and industrial buyers.
2000 Series
The insulated, energy-efficient 2000 Series commercial doors will dampen noise and increase energy savings. Designed to resist even the most hostile weather conditions, these hard working doors provide maximum strength and security.
700 Series
Enjoy the strong steel construction of these commercial insulated steel doors. Built with the strength to keep out noise and weather, the 700 Series will stand protected from wear and tear, and help to increase your energy savings.

600 Series
The 600 Series commercial insulated steel doors feature strength, efficiency and attractiveness, all packaged into one. These CFC-free, polyurethane-foam-injected steel doors offer exceptional benefits for commercial and industrial applications and, will far exceed your expectations.
Commercial Aluminum Doors
These doors are strong, durable and well crafted, and are accessorized with a profiled framing structure and aluminum rails and stiles. Strength, appearance and corrosion resistance play a key roll, making them ideal for fire stations, car washes, auto service centers and dealerships, service stations and tire stores.
Ribbed Steel Doors
If you're looking for an economical product with great value, choose from our array of Haas commercial ribbed steel doors. These doors provide the strength of steel along with the lower cost of excluding insulation. Fabricated with heavy gauge galvanized steel, these models create a pleasing horizontal-line effect.

Safe-Way Commercial Garage Doors
Aluminum Doors
Performance and quality are what make these aluminum doors so great. With outstanding functionality and durability, these doors are the perfect fit for numerous businesses, including body repair shops, service stations, fire stations and tire stores.
Wood Doors
afe-Way’s flush wood doors offer the look and feel of smooth or richly textured wood, while offering strength and durability. While stylish, the dependable performance of these doors add value and convenience to this purchase. Wood garage doors are also available for residentail applications.
Insulated Steel Doors
A perfect fit for an industrial warehouse or pole barn, these commercial doors contain a sealed thermal break to provide excellent insulation, and are built with durable, galvanized steel and heavy-duty hardware to ensure long service life. Choose the overhead door that works just as hard as you do.

Non-Insulated Steel Doors
The Safe-Way non-insulated doors provide years of maximum security, strength and low-maintenance operation. Available in a wide variety of track options and window configurations, youll make a sensible investment in your business by choosing these doors.

Cookson Rolling Steel Service and Fire Doors
Rolling Service Doors
Cookson rolling service doors are ideal for various commercial and industrial applications. Built with a 50,000 life cycle design, cast gears and stops, steel plate brackets and an exclusive FinalCote finish, these doors are a sturdy, reliable resource to keep your assets secure.
Rolling Service Fire Doors
Reliability, durability and value best describe these commercial doors. Offering maximum security at a cost effective price, these doors will protect your property and increase your safety by limiting damage in case of fire.

Hörmann Flexon Commercial Doors
Loading Docks
This heavy-duty roll-up door is perfect for loading docks. Designed to raise or lower while the user is holding down the button, this door is intended for low-frequency use.
Interior Door Openings
Completely free of coil cords, these door openings are designed with a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8'0 high. The perimeters are draft-sealed to avoid entrance of dust and other particles.
Clean Rooms
These tightly sealed door openings prevent air movement for those customers that demand the ultimate in clean. Plus, the fast opening speed of the doors helps prevent contamination.

These doors are ideal for energy conscious applications, such as medical and cooler distribution facilities. Plus, the unique panel design makes replacement easier and more efficient for minimal downtime.
Food Processing
Certain industries maintain tough standards. This door design allows you to select the stainless steel options your application requires, allowing you to conform with all necessary requirements.

Interior or Exterior
Completely free of coil cords, these door openings are designed with a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8'0 high. The perimeters are draft-sealed to avoid entrance of dust and other particles.

Exterior Security
Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, these doors enhance protection of personnel and goods while reducing the likelihood of damage to other parts of the door. You'll save big on maintenance and energy costs with these insulated doors.

Trac-Rite Commercial Doors
Roll-Up Doors
Trac-Rite roll-up doors offer the strength and durability to get the job done, with the added bonus of a smooth and quiet operation. With low maintenance and easy installation, these doors are a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. From self-storage, boathouses and equipment sheds to warehouses, farm buildings and shipping docks, these roll-up doors earn high marks from commercial and agriculture industry leaders.