Midwest Garage Door Company has teamed up with Rubbermaid® to help you get the most from your garage and closets, by providing you with top-quality storage solutions. A durable and versatile solution to organization, our professionally installed storage products will keep your space in order so that you can rest easy. Choose from our wide selection of garage and closet storage solutions.

Garage Storage Solutions
Turn your storage nightmare into organized bliss with our convenient garage storage solution products. With our wide array of affordable options, you'll be able to customize your space in a way that fits your lifestyle and your budget.
Wall Mount Rail and Accessories
Maximize the space in your garage with our space-saving wall mount system. It's the perfect way to store large and space-consuming items such as tools, bikes, ladders and tables. Plus, you can add storage racks to optimize the process.
Need a place for those hard to hide items? Organize your belongings with quality-built cabinets. Not only will they conveniently store various items, but they also offer an attractive and classy look. All cabinetry is equipped with state-of-the-art Rubbermaid® hardware.
Closet Systems
Choose from a wide variety of customizable closet systems to help keep you on track and organized. Whatever your needs, we'll work directly with you to design and tailor a closet that is ideal for any living situation.
Shelving, Racks and Accessories
Whether you're looking for a closet system with more space or need to add in shelving, racks or other closet accessories, our team of experts will integrate the features you want with the quality you deserve.