Central Vacuum Systems

At Midwest Garage Door Company, we understand how important it is to add value and convenience to your everyday lives. Look no further than the Cyclo Vac central vacuum system, a complete home cleaning system designed to make your life easier.

What it Does:

The Cyclo Vac central vacuum system delivers up to three times more power to lift out dirt, dust mites and animal dander from rugs, drapes, furniture upholstery and other household products, channeling all debris to an out-of-the-way receptacle - safely, quietly and permanently.

How It Works:

The Cyclo Vac system can be installed in new or existing homes. The tubing runs through out-of-the-way areas, such as your basement, attic or cold air returns; it is placed behind interior walls to inlet valves installed in various locations throughout the house. When ready to vacuum, the only thing a user has to carry is a lightweight hose.


  • Superior Cleaning
    High efficiency and two-stage filtration.

  • High Performance
    High air watt rating with subdued operating noise.

  • Healthier Living Environment
    Cyclo Vac vents everything outside, reducing allergy-causing agents.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
    Central power unit is located in an out-of-the-way area (garage, basement, etc.).

  • Built-In Utility Port
    Hose plugs into vacuum for local cleaning within 30 feet of canister.

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Vac Pan

The automatic dustpan for central vacuum systems is an essential accessory for your kitchen and bathroom. Easy to use, you simply have to open it with the tip of your toe by pushing the switch to start the vacuum system. Just sweep dust and crumbs away; no more bending down to pick them up!

Vac Pan



Cyclo Vac Warranty

If you purchased the Cyclo Vac warranty extension, the motor and electrical components of your unit are entirely guaranteed for a period of 25 years. Labor costs, however, are only covered by the original warranty, for a period of 2 to 5 years in America, or 3 years in Europe and other continents. The warranty extension is subject to the same terms and conditions as the regular Cyclo Vac warranty. It is valid for domestic use only and Cyclo Vac reserves the right to send a technician to verify the installation location in case of doubt. This warranty extension is not transferable. Make sure to keep the warranty extension certificate and all payment records. We encourage you to register your warranty online. Both invoices for the vacuum unit and the warranty extension may be required for any claim.