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Find the ideal commercial specialty doors for your commercial and agricultural needs at Midwest Garage Door Company. We offer a wide selection of commercial specialty doors for commercial, agriculture, and industrial applications. Buy with confidence knowing that our specialty garage doors are durable, reliable, and will withstand daily wear and tear. Review our selection of specialty garage doors to uncover which model is the best for you! If you have any questions about our available inventory of specialty doors, contact our team at Midwest Garage Door Company.

Hörmann Flexon Commercial Doors

Speed Commander™

Hormann Flexon Doors

Loading Docks

This heavy-duty roll-up door is perfect for loading docks. Designed to raise or lower while the user is holding down the button, this door is intended for low-frequency use.


Loading Dock Doors

Interior Door Openings

Coming in a sectional panel design, connected with an aluminum profile with a specialty SoftEdge bottom profile, these specialty door solutions are ideal for a variety of applications. A Radio Crash Switch is concealed in the bottom profile, which will transmit a signal if the profile is pushed out of the sidelines, stopping the door immediately. Built completely free of coil cords onto tracts up to 8 feet high, this specialty door solution will provide a wall of protection.

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Hormann Flexon Doors

Cool Master for Coolers

Ideal for energy savings, agricultural applications, medical, and cooler distribution facilities, Cool Master for Coolers allows for consistent traffic without compromising efficiency. Made of a 3mm thick gray foam panel, these panels maintain flexibility, +33 degrees F, and keep condensation at a minimum. Built completely free of coil cords onto tracts up to 8 feet high, this specialty door solution will provide a wall of protection.

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Clean Rooms

Clean Master for Clean Rooms

Made with tight seals to prevent air movement and a fast opening speed, Clean Master doors will increase protection from contamination between two areas. With a low-profile steel guide track, these specialty doors are free of moving parts, curating a pure environment. Stainless steel guide tracks are available for optimal cleanliness.

Hormann Flexon Doors - food processing

Food-Master for Food Processing

Choose the stainless steel option that will meet all of your requirements with the Food-Master design. These specialty door options make it easy to build, without paying for unnecessary stainless options. Meeting industry requirements, these specialty doors feature a stainless steel roll tube / shaft, door / motor cover, guide tracks, and hardware.

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Hormann Flexon Doors

Interior or Exterior

Designed with a lightweight fabric material, Speed-Master Doors come in a variety of sizes. Featuring heavy-duty 12 gauge galvanized steel tracts and a standard built-in light grid built into tracks up to 8 feet high, these specialty doors provide a thorough wall of protection.

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Speed Guardian™

Clean Rooms

Exterior Security

Speed Guardian™ exterior specialty doors are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, enhancing the protection of personnel and goods, while reducing the likelihood of damage to door components. Featuring an insulated design, these doors will be efficient and durable. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and with available transparent panels, these doors are suitable for a variety of applications.

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