Commercial Coiling Doors at Midwest Garage Door Company

Midwest Garage Door Company is a distinguished residential and commercial garage door solutions provider driven by an unwavering dedication to customer service and premium products. Our commitment to exceptional customer experiences motivates us to offer durable, attractive garage doors that promise long-lasting performance. Within our inventory, we offer a versatile selection of commercial coiling garage doors.

Our commitment extends to serving commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors, where we deliver top-quality coiling garage doors designed to safeguard your assets while enduring the rigors of daily use. Our selection includes a variety of dependable options tailored to your specific needs. Explore our selection of commercial coiling doors and contact Midwest Garage Door Company with any questions.

Cookson Rolling Steel Service Doors

At Midwest Garage Door Company, we have a wide inventory of Cookson Roll Up Doors, available in various materials, finishes, and added features that elevate security and longevity. Our inventory includes roll-up security doors, fire-resistant options, and ventilated service doors. Each coiling door is meticulously engineered to provide the utmost protection and durability against external elements. Continue reading to identify the best Cookson coiling door for your application needs.

Rolling Service Doors

Roll Up Security Door

Cookson Rolling Security Doors provide an ideal solution for various commercial, institutional, and industrial needs. These robust doors deliver uncompromising protection, working around the clock to safeguard your premises against intruders, break-ins, and adverse weather conditions. Designed with a durable 50,000 life cycle, cast gears and stops, steel plate brackets, and an exclusive FinalCote finish, Cookson Rolling Security Doors are engineered to meet the highest quality and security standards.

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Rolling Fire Doors

Roll Up Fire Resistant Door

Cookson Roll-Up Fire Resistant Door Systems are designed to safeguard lives and property by effectively containing fires. These specialized doors are engineered to compartmentalize building areas, preventing the spread of fire and isolating the incident. While offering enhanced security and access control in wall openings, Cookson Roll-Up Fire Resistant Doors are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for various applications. They are designed for dependable, fail-safe activation, swiftly sealing openings upon detecting the presence of a fire, ensuring a swift and effective response to emergencies.

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Rolling Grilles

Roll Up Security Grilles and Gates

Cookson Roll Up Security Grilles and Gates offer reliable security measures when securely locked into position, all while ensuring optimal visibility and airflow remain accessible within your commercial space.

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Trac-Rite Commercial Roll Up Doors

Trac-Rite Commercial Doors

Trac-Rite Commercial Doors present versatile solutions tailored to a wide range of applications, including shipping docks, warehouses, car washes, auto body shops, and more. These doors offer strength and stability with smooth and quiet operation. With an array of size options catering to diverse applications, Trac-Rite® doors are designed to meet the needs of various commercial structures with efficiency and reliability.

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