Commercial Fire Doors

Never take a chance when it comes to safety, trust in time-tested products that are backed by experts and are engineered to keep you safe. Fire doors are a crucial part of any fire safety plan, and are necessary to maintain safety measures in many commercial and industrial locations. A fire door may be required in many hallways, stairwells, elevator rooms, boiler rooms, basements, etc. Whatever commercial area you may need to protect, a trusted fire door will protect you from spreading flames and will give you added peace of mind. Midwest Garage Door Company offers only the best in quality, durable fire doors for use in commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. For reliability, safety, and security, we recommend Cookson rolling steel fire doors.

Cookson Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Rolling Fire Door

Cookson fire doors are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and fire protection and are compatible with many wall materials including, but not limited to, structural steel, masonry, and concrete.

Rolling Service Fire Doors

Reliability, durability, and value best describe these commercial doors. Offering maximum security at a cost-effective price, these doors will protect your property and increase your safety by limiting damage in case of fire. The Cookson advanced roll-up fire doors offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Maximum durability and reliable protection

  • Automatic resets

  • Test key switches for easy fire door testing, including auto-test and simple-test doors

  • Built-in battery backup for reliable operation during power outages and preventing unnecessary closure

  • Governing controls to manage the closing rate for your fire door

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