Liftmaster™ Connectivity for Residential and Commercial Use

Change the way you think about your garage system and find the perfect product for your lifestyle with the MyQ™ enabled LiftMaster Internet Gateway™ from Midwest Garage Door Company. The Liftmaster Internet Gateway™ is your simple solution for home control, enabling you to tap into even more features for maximum confidence, communication, and compatibility. 

Internet Gateway Example

This device, paired with specific LiftMaster® residential and commercial garage door openers equipped with battery backup, utilizes two-way communication technology. It allows you to open or close your garage door or turn on or off the lights anytime from anywhere via your smartphone or computer. No more worrying about worrying about whether you remembered to close your garage door, simply use your phone or computer to check and control additional settings!

Always Connected

MyQ Technology, now with Wi-Fi®, lets users receive alerts and open and close the garage door from anywhere, so you're always connected to what matters most.

Pair It With LiftMaster® MyQ™ Enabled Accessories

Achieve unparalleled peace of mind with Liftmaster® MyQ™ enabled accessories and monitor and operate your garage door via your smartphone or computer. Get real-time notifications when your garage door is opened or closed, and even get remote access to close or check your garage door status from anywhere! You can preset days and times to close the garage door or turn off lights. Want to share access? MyQ™ allows you to share access with up to five users! 

Additional Liftmaster® MyQ™services and accessories include:

Remote Control Light & Switch

Operate light switches, lamps, or other home lighting with your garage door opener, smartphone, or computer. Make sure your home is ready when you arrive with remote control lighting access!

Smart Locks

Provides key-free entry solutions with smartphone control to ensure your home's main entry points are secure. You can let in a repair person, or family member.

Smart Garage Camera™

A quick upgrade to an existing MyQ-connected garage door opener, the Smart Garage Camera™ conveniently adds live streaming video to the Smart Access Ecosystem. Check your garage door’s status from anywhere!

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