Residential Storage Solutions at Midwest Garage Door Company

Midwest Garage Door Company understands that your garage should be organized and efficient from every angle, which is why we want to offer solutions to enhance every aspect of your garage. Midwest Garage Door Company offers storage solutions that you can customize based on your needs, to make your garage organized and attractive. Midwest Garage Door Company offers a selection of Redline Garage Gear Storage Solutions, that come in a variety of durable configurations.

Midwest Garage Door Company is the premier garage storage solution supplier. Garage storage solutions are the perfect addition to any garage, offering you a customizable configuration to keep your garage organized and versatile. Review our Redline Garage Gear Storage solutions and uncover how they can enhance your garage space. If you have any questions about our storage solutions, contact our team at Midwest Garage Door Company.

Redline Garage Gear Storage Solutions

Our team at Midwest Garage Door Company can install Redline Garage Gear storage solutions, which are designed for high performance and durability. This brand of garage storage solutions offers over 500 cabinet choices, with eleven powder-coated color options, so you can choose the configuration that best suits your home and organizational needs. Since Redline Garage Gear Storage Solutions are double powder-coated, they are resistant to chipping, warping, delaminating, and cracking! To further improve the selection of storage solutions, you can choose from butcher block or impact-coating countertops, which are extremely durable and can withstand any garage task.


Rubbermaid Residential Storage Cabinets

Virtually Unlimited Configurations

More than 500 cabinet choices and eleven powder-coated color options makes for a customized solution for any garage space!

Blue Durable Cabinet Storage

Durability Unlike Any Other

The durable powder-coated finish resists chipping, warping, delaminating and cracking.

Butcher Block or impact coated countertop options

Butcher Block or Impact Coating Countertops

These countertops are nearly indestructible and able to handle anything you can ‘throw’ at them!

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