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Below are some frequently asked questions about Midwest Garage Door Company and the products and services we offer. Just click the plus button next to the question to see the answer.

FAQ/Safety Awnings, Shades & Solar Screens FAQs

Liftmaster Garage Doors and Openers

What is a Liftmaster Provantage dealer?

Liftmaster ProVantage dealers are full-service door dealers that are recognized for premier sales and installation of Liftmaster garage door openers. Midwest Garage Door Company is the only recognized ProVantage dealer in the Springfield area.

When do I need to have maintenance done on my garage door?

Garage doors and electric openers are the largest moving items in your home. Safety is a factor; therefore, it is recommended that your garage door be professionally lubricated and adjusted annually or semi-annually depending on usage. Check out the Service/Maintenance section of this site to learn about the services we provide and other maintenance tips.

When a spring breaks on my garage door, should I replace both or just one?

We recommend replacing extension and torsion springs in pairs. The likelihood of the second spring breaking and/or your garage door not balancing may result in more expense, problems and downtime if only one spring is replaced.

Is it safe for me to replace my own garage door springs?

Safety is a factor, and due to the high torque on the springs, we recommend you have them replaced by a certified garage door technician.

Can I purchase a new remote control (also known as a transmitter) for my garage door opener?

Some older garage door opener models do not have remote controls available; however, most newer models are available. In order for us to correctly diagnose which model you will need, we must first know the model and radio frequency of the remote control. Visit the Residential or Commercial Garage Door Openers section of this site to view the openers that we offer.

Can my garage door be painted?

Yes, our wood and steel doors can be painted with a quality exterior latex paint. Follow the manufacturers' recommendations for preparation, painting, and warranty exclusions.

Do I have to replace my entire garage door if just a section or certain sections are damaged?

In many cases, replacing a section of your garage door is an option depending on whether or not it is still in production, or if the rest of the door is in good condition. Sometimes the better solution is to replace the complete door. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Why does my garage door start to close, but will only go down a couple inches and reverse?

If the lights on the motor assembly flash on and off several times, the safety sensors cannot see each other. Something could be blocking them or they may have been knocked out of alignment. If the lights do not flash on and off, the sensitivity setting may need to be adjusted. A mechanical problem could have occurred and it is recommended that maintenance be performed by a certified technician. Contact us to schedule your maintenance or service appointment today.

I'm thinking of building a new home. When should I contact you about my garage door needs?

The sooner the better. We can help you select which products are best for you and help you with the dimensions

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